The Comedy Records Collective is a group of comedians who bring the thunder. Although each member is already successful in their own right, these Toronto based comics have come together to combine their talents and resources in an effort to achieve their dreams of telling jokes all over the world and eventually… on the moon.

The Boom

The Boom is a Toronto based sketch comedy troupe that was formed in 2008. They perform a live monthly show the first Thursday of the month at The Drake Underground. Special guests include Colin Monchrie (Drew Carey Show), Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall), Don Ferguson (Canadian Air Farce), Nikki Payne (Last Comic Standing), and opened for WWE Legend Mick Foley. Ten members strong, their high-energy, raunchy, and unapologetic playful style has consistently kept sold-out crowds in non-stop hysterics

Eytan Crouton

EytanCroutonCollectiveEytan Crouton 1st Disciple has been writing and performing Hip Hop since July 2009. He was a finalist at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam in Vancouver representing Toronto Poetry Slam (TPS).

He was also the 2011 Toronto Poetry Slam Grand Champion and a member of the 2011-2012 TPS team. He is a member of Toronto Sketch Comedy Troupe “The Boom” and in 2004 was a runner up in the Toronto Star Short Story Contest.

Mark Debonis

Arm Wrestler Champion
Rookie of the year 94′ soft ball

Da Awesome
e is for excellent
Booking since 2009
Nice guy 😉
I before E except after if you spell comedian with a K
Soup bowl hair cut

Hi, that up there is called an acrostic poem and it spells Mark DeBonis, that’s me. Hi, anyways I do stand up comedy. “Is he funny?” you may ask…well lets just put it this way- “Why did the checkin cross the street? Because it was late for its check in.
You thought I didn’t know how to spell didn’t you?

2010 Canadian Comedy Award Winner for Best Newcomer, 2009 Tims Sims Award Nominee, Finalist for XM Radio’s Next Top Comic

Tim Golden

When Tim talks craft, he prefers to speak in catch phrases, clichés, and tired sports metaphors. So, let’s do this! Tim’s comedy is like a canary in the mine, and he really knocks it outta the park. That was actually Tim’s first official review; of himself in the shower while practicing his material. But when you knock it outta the park, you gotta play like you practice, right ? Lights out. I’m sure you’ve heard that a thousand times as the crow flies. At the same time, they say a stitch in time is worth two in the bush, but you can never trust a Dutch man with a calculator. Tim has some Dutch sports material that would probably segue well here, but this is a bio not a guest spot.

Tim is a Massachusetts native that lives in Toronto. He has appeared all around North America, mostly standing near noted landmarks. He has been in the Boston Comedy Festival, opened for national acts, and knows Excel as well as Power Point.

Garrett Jamieson

GarrettCollectiveThis Winnipegger who once worked at a dirt factory, funeral home and pornography store left the nest (Winnipeg) to set the comedy wheels in motion. Since leaving he has made a name for himself. First, graduating from The Humber School of Comedy with honours. He is one of the founding members of the Award Winning sketch troupe The BOOM in which he worked with dynamo Canadian comedians: Scott Thompson, Nikki Payne and Colin Mochrie.

Most recently, he helped open up the newest Toronto Stand Up Club (Stand Up @ The Lot), was named Runner Up in Toronto’s “NOW Magazine’s 2012 Best Stand Up Comic.” And has opened up on tour for Gemini award winning metal band, KEN mode. He has been featured on the Ron James Show, XM Radio’s Laugh Attack, MTV Canada, Comedy Network, Etalk Canada and CBC Radio.

Dave Merheje

Winner of Just For Laugh’s 2011 Irwin Barker Homegrown Comic Award and NOW Magazine’s 2011 Best of Toronto Award for Best Male Stand-up, Dave Merheje is making waves as one of the edgiest comics in the country today.

Merheje was recently profiled as one of Canada’s next breakout stars on CBC Radio One’s Laugh Out Loud. He has been featured on CBC Radio One’s The Debaters, XM Radio’s Laugh Attack, Bite TV’s with Bite and Stand up & Bite Me Competition, MuchMusic’s Video on Trial and Stars Gone Wild, MTV’s Cocktails and The Comedy Network short Worst Gig Ever.

Tim Nasiopoulos

Mention back room poker games in Vietnamese bowling alleys or stories of stealing bottles of hypnotic from prom kids while driving a limousine and you’ll get a mischievous grin from Tim Nasiopoulos.

These stories come during his hiatus from the stage. One he spent soul searching and not getting married. After stints at a Sobey’s stocking shelves in Calgary or flirting with becoming a massive Greek male gigolo, Tim returned to the stage in a variety of sink hole bars in Eastern Alberta. This lead to his return to Toronto where he now tours Canada. Heck, he even played a large agent opposite Tim Allen and Courtney Cox in Zoom, an amazing movie that was in theatres as long as it takes to say ‘horse shit’.

Sure Tim’s road to comedic success hasn’t been conventional, but you’ll enjoy his larger than life stage presence. This can only come from a man who once sang Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’ with a drug dealer named Silver and a homeless flower merchant on the streets of Lower Manhattan. Let’s have a drink!

Bryan O’Gorman

OGormanHEADPHONE2Last year Bryan headlined shows in over 15 countries including England, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland and the USA. This year he plans on playing in every country on earth, plus the moon (if the spaceship he’s building works). A live performer since childhood, Bryan O’Gorman honed his stand up skills in the legendary Toronto comedy scene and is refining them on stages throughout this dimension. Catch him now before he dies in a feeble attempt to make it to the moon in a homemade rocket. Of his many credits, a few include being featured on MTV, Much Music, The Comedy Network, Sirius-XM Radio, National Lampoon Radio, The Georgia Straight and CBC.

Nick Reynoldson

A bark like a Chihuahua but a bite like a Rottweiler, Nick Reynoldson is an animal.

Like a rose that grew between the cracks in the concrete, he was bred in Scarborough. (Except not like a rose at all, more like a dandelion that has been trampled on for years.)

He is a rising star in the comedy scene with performances at The Nubian Show at Yuk Yuks, The Second City, and a feature performer at Absolute Comedy.

This young man is a must see… just don’t get too close, after all he does have a bite like a Rottweiler.

Monty Scott

Some say Monty Scott has exceptional regenerative healing powers making it impossible to tell his age. More sensible people say that’s the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard.

Some say Monty Scott is the voice of his generation. Very few people say that, however a small group of recovering pcp addicts were adamant.

It’s been said he has a magical way with women. It’s not been said by any women that we’re aware of.

Standing 6’5 Monty Scott is an imposing presence. Standing at his actual hight of 5’8, he is considerably less imposing.

Monty Scott is well known for his singing voice, but that is not really a good thing.

In high school Monty Scott was voted most likely to succeed. Needless to say, it was not a very good high school.

Monty Scott was chosen to represent Canada for high jump in the 2008 Olympic games.
It turns out this was a terrible choice as Monty Scott would best be described as, “not at all a high jumper”.

Monty Scott has worked closely Jack Nicholson on a number of projects. No, not that Jack Nicholson.

Tom Hanks once said Monty Scott is the Forrest Gump of genius. He was later hospitalized for exhaustion.

Monty Scott was integral in the creation of Kevin Federline’s debut album. Unfortunately, that has been verified.

Barry Taylor

“It’s only a matter of time — months rather than years — before the music business establishment completely folds.” It was after reading this quote from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke that Barry Taylor thought, ‘I gotta get in on this action while I’ve still got time.’ A few weeks later, he launched Comedy Records.

Whether he’s running the label or performing stand up comedy in various watering holes and schools across the country the end goal for Barry remains the same: fur coats.

“When you’re a comedian it’s tough to pull off a fur coat,” explains Taylor. “But if you run a record label, fur coats aren’t just accepted, they’re expected. It’s awesome.”

While his chinchilla stroller may be faux, his successes over the years have been quite real. Barry has appeared multiple times on MTV, Much Music, Raptors NBA TV, AUX TV and 102.1 the Edge FM and written for the Comedy Network and Google.

Stephanie Tolev


Steph Tolev is a stand up and sketch comedian from Toronto, Canada. Her unique brand of absurd and personal comedy has made her an audience favorite across North America both on stage and on television. As a stand up, Steph has done the  prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and featured in her first TV Gala taping this past summer as well being part of the Homegrown competition in 2014.  She also taped a TV set for the Halifax Comedy Festival that airs on CBC.  This past September she was one of the 42 with her sketch duo Ladystache in the Just For Laughs 42 festival in Toronto.  During JFL42 she was also a finalist for Sirius XM  Radio’s Next Top Comic competition and featured on Andy Kindler’s Alternative show.  She was well-received at the acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Fest, Montreal,  Toronto and Vancouver Sketch Fests, as well as North By North East.  She’s also opened for Rob Delaney, Eugene Mirman, Brent Morin, Kyle Kinane,  Kurt Braunohler, Todd Glass and appeared on the international show “Set List.” She won the award for Best Female Stand Up at the Canadian Comedy Awards this year and was nominated for her sketch troupe. Ladystache also released their first full length sketch comedy album through itunes entitled “So Many Wolves” that had rave reviews from the Comedy Network and hit number one on itunes.

On TV, Steph’s been featured on Much Music’s “Video on Trial” and MTV’s “Losing it”, and had her own stand up special on iChannels program “No Kidding”.

K Trevor Wilson

Who is K Trevor Wilson? He is a man, a mountain of a man, a man mountain, and a comedian. He is the Man Mountain of Comedy. He stands on stage broad shouldered and bearded and tells jokes. He tells these jokes with his voice. A deep baritone that is soft enough to calm a jungle cat and strong enough to shake the mountains. Yes, we came back to mountains. That happens a lot when you talk about the Man Mountain of Comedy.

Where did he come from?
Where will he end up? Probably a nicer part of Toronto.
Does he still play guitar? Yes.
Has he gotten much better at it? Not really. He should practice more.
What’s his favorite food? Baconators.
What, if anything, can kill him? Baconators.
What is he going to do after he writes this bio? Baconators. He’s hungry.

He is an entertainer with over 15 years experience. He is an award winning director, comedian and Platform Tennis player. But to give away too much of his story would be wrong, you should really hear him tell it.

So if you ever get the chance watch, and listen to, the Baritone Angel, K Trevor Wilson, the Man Mountain of Comedy